Hot Water Heater Leaking – Fix It Like A Pro

You constantly hear that irritating sound of dripping water and this could only mean one thing – hot water heater leaking. You can call several companies to have it fixed but it is sure to cost you several bucks. Here are tips to help you fix leaks like a pro.

Signs Of Hot Water Heater Leaking

So what are the signs that your water heater is leaking? Aside from the dripping sounds, there’d be a formation of puddles near the water heater. In some cases, the leaks seep through the cement slabs.
No matter how small the problem may seem, the matter should be addressed as soon as possible before they cause bigger problems for you and your family.

Important Reminders

Before you start diagnosing the problem of the machine, equip yourself with safety gears – goggles, gloves and boots. Then, switch off the power and circuit breaker. Also, you should turn off the main source of water for the heater. Only if you have these checked then you can go on to the next step.

Common Causes Of Hot Water Heater Leaking

There is no single reason for the leak problem. You’d have to carefully look at the machine and its connections to know where the problem is stemming from.
• Pressure relief valve
The bolts and gasket in the valve might have gone loose and all you have to do is tighten them. But in some cases, it may also result from too much pressure caused by settings set too high, too strong water pressure from the main vent and others. The manual will guide you on how to fix the pressure valve of that specific model.
• Plumbing connections
Leaks may spring from piping problems – loose fittings or simply a break in its integrity. You can try tightening the fitting first, and then replace the fittings if the first option does not work.
• Clogged vents
For gas heaters, you’d have to remove the obstructions in the vent to make it work properly.
• Heating element gasket
Electric water heaters usually develop leaks from a damaged heating element gasket. Drain all the water in the heater first before replacing the gasket. Also, before turning it on, open the water supply to the heater and run the hot water to a sink. It is important to release the air completely to prevent damaging the electric heater.
• Tank
The water heater has a limited lifespan and the tank will get old and corrugated overtime which will need replacement.

When To Seek Professional Help?

If the temperature-pressure relief valve is the culprit, it may be quite difficult and dangerous to fix it on your own. The tank has the tendency to explode if the pressure gets too high so it’s better to have a professional handle this situation. Replacement of corrugated tanks also need the expertise of appliance repairmen.
Knowledge on how to repair things can really be handy in emergency situations. I hope that these tips on hot water heater leaking help you be prepared in case of these scenarios.